Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today "Miss America" was officially born into resin! Now that I have a resin casting I will be doing more smoothing and adding little details like veins and whisker bumps. Typically I spend another 2-3 weeks on this phase. After that the production molds are made, which is a whole 'nuther time consuming process. Depending on how long this all takes we should be ready to sell "Miss Americas" by mid-August.

Here's how she looked encased in a block of mold rubber:

And here's what happens to the clay sculpture as I cut the mold open and pull out parts as I go:

Doesn't she look nice all in white?


Kirsten Wellman said...

Huzzah! She is gorgeous! I can't wait to lay some paint on one of these gals. :D

GWR said...

It looks to me like she's flirting with Nahar! :D I look forward to seeing one painted up in one of your lovely paintjobs. :)

Melissa Mistretta said...

Yaayyy!! I love her! <3

Becky Turner said...

she looks great! I wish one of my waste castings looked that good! what rubber are you using? and are you just doing a sold mold and cutting her out or making a 2 part mold? I plan on doing one very soon for my whistlejacket sculpt.....just waiting for the rubber thickener to come, I was planning on doing a solid and cutting him out.. he is in clay. any tips? I have never done one ( mold) like this before.. he is so big I had a hard time working on him because of his weight and the pipe.. I will not use that clay again( chavant..too soft!) .. from now on..its the wax/clay we got.. I started him 2 years ago though so thats why he is in clay . never again! lol .. any tips would really help me! thanks! great job as usual Sara! I hope I will be able to buy one someday..
Rebecca Turner

Anonymous said...


Are you still taking critiques? I might be too late and you are too far gone in the process. I apologize. I should have responded earlier when you asked ASB people but I got busy and forgot. I've asked a few other ASB people who've been in the breed for years to verify what I am seeing.

1) Tail is set too low.

2) Neck looks a little too thin in the throatlatch area.

3) Personally, I don't think there is enough substance in her hip and rump area.

She's very pretty though. I'm glad she's been done a bit differently and I think she'll make a good performance horse.