Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lady in Red

Miss America is now sporting her red primer coat. I use sandable primer and then go back over everything with 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper to get it smooth as a baby's bottom. At that point the veins and whisker bumps will be added in gesso.....and then she will be ready to use for production molds! Finally.

I haven't yet settled on the release method or the price. You can vote on your preffered sales method here on the Blog. I do know that I will be painting and selling a few copies from the first castings. I'm thinking a black and white (or seal brown) tobiano, a liver chestnut, and maybe a palomino. At the very least the pinto and the chesnut. Painting is something I enjoy, but rarely set aside the time to do. After all this intensive sculpting I think I've earned a break to pursue some other creative avenues within the hobby for a bit.

Speaking of other creative avenues, while I was waiting for Miss America's primer to dry I got out my new (real horse) tack braiding book and made this set of hobbles:

They are made from parachute cord from a color I thought closely resembles rawhide. I am going to be sad when these get lost in a meadow somewhere, but I couldn't bring myself to braid them out of hot pink cord.

Well, my primer is dry so off I go to sand some more.....

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