Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sneak Peek!

Here is a sneak peek of what's been keeping me busy since spring:

I've spent a ton of time on this project, consciously pushing the envelope on realism by developing some new techniques. I'll be ready to share the rest of this critter in a few weeks. Right now it's into the mold box, then casting a resin master, then more detailing, smoothing, adding veins, etc, before making the production molds.

After this project? I'm considering finishing up a long set aside bratty pony, or my carousel horse.


Braymere said...

Pony, pony, PONY!


Anna-Carin said...

Dear Sarah! What a delightful creature this model is! I can't say enough how adorable this model will be.

I am yet to own any of your works, but I hope to be able to buy a Rasam or something smaller this spring. If you are considering the Carousel horse, I'd be one of the happiest ever. It would be absolutely fabulous to own the Carousel horse and paint it up in a classic Carousel way! Good luck with any of your choices!

Sarah Rose said...

The carousel horse is on my list of things to finish up this winter :) Thanks for your comments Ann-Carin.