Saturday, November 26, 2011


It's been a few months since the last blog update, where did the time go? Well, I've been busy for certain sculpting the new Thoroughbred filly with an intensity of focus I have not had in years. Motivation has come from many directions, and every once in awhile inspiration comes from the piece itself and it seems to fly from my fingers with a strong will to exist outside of my mind and on it's own. Here are a few sneak peeks:

There is still quite a bit of work to do on her, so I can't say at this time when she will be complete. I'm hoping for the first part of the new year, which should be do-able as long as she keeps being a good girl :) I want to thank Bridget Corcoran for her fantastic thoroughbred photos, which have helped immensely with the relatively quick progress this piece has made. One of the things I do with photos to aid in sculpting is to make collages of areas, for example a collage of all heads, one of all hooves, or this one of leg up shoulders:

The actual collage is much bigger with more photos, but even from this small snippet you can see how anatomical details will begin to jump out at you when you have lots of similar horse parts all together. I make the with Photoshop, and they grow larger as I find and add more photos. I zoom in and move around as needed to see what I need. This shoulder collage has shoulders from the side as shown, as well as from the front and back. If I need the 'other side' for a future sculpt I can flip the image. I almost never use magazine clippings now, I find having images on my computer to be far more useful, and they take up less physical space :)

Before I go back to work I have one last thing to share, another tip of sorts. I forgot where I got this, it could have come from a sculpting forum, a horse training forum, somewhere on a hobby board. It doesn't really matter when it came from, but I repeat it to myself as I sculpt to keep me focused, I think it should be the First Commandment of Life:

"Clarify thy intent"

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Sheila Uva ~ Uva Collection said...

Hi Sarah
I would like a horse with a high wither, long hip and neck, a nice long back.
I don't know if you went by a certain horse or not?
I would like to see a slightly longer neck to go with her long hip. I want a bit more flank to topline. I mean I feel she is a bit wasp waisted.. Horses have all lengths of everything so maybe she is a sprinter. Her shoulder is good from the side, but I noticed that she is a bit beefy from the front view? I think that from the views you have that maybe the horse has a slightly shorter leg on the off side? That might be the reason she looks funny extending. These are just my thoughts. You have a great talent and she is your horse. Nice job. Sheila Uva