Sunday, May 6, 2012

I like Big Butts

I do? Apparently my newest relief sculpture says it's likely:

In Jypsi's defense, though, it's the perspective that makes her butt look big. Here is the photo the relief was sculpted from:

In all honesty I do find horse butts to be cute. Actually most behinds are sorta cute, right? You think so too, and are thinking of purchasing a Jypsi in Repose plaque for yourself? Here is a link to the MH$P ad.

I've noticed over the years that I am not as prolific as many other artists, it's something I've been pondering lately. I don't have quite the creative zeal and drive that many have. I think I've come up with part of the reason for this, I have horse property, horses, and a fixer upper house. We are fortunate enough to have 3 gorgeous acres of meadowland in southwestern Colorado, and four wonderful horses that are a huge part of our lives. Improvements to the land are time intensive, and uniquely rewarding. I guess in a way my home and property is a larger art project, that will go on for years to come. Most recently, after my dad suggested it, I've been quite happily ripping out hawthorn bushes with my little backhoe. I do not like the hawthorns, they are mean bushes :) And now they are mostly dead. I like that. It's satisfying.

I do most of my sculpture in the winter, when there is little for me to do outdoors. As soon as the snow melts and it's no longer muddy I feel drawn to the outdoors. I love to putter around in my flowerbeds. I like waging war on the weeds. Riding is always a welcome activity, as well as fishing, off roading, perusing the shops in downtown Durango, and more recently, water sports.

I guess I am just too busy in the summer to sculpt :)


Celeste said...

Sounds like a great creative cycle to me! Summer: enjoying outside with horses and flowers, fighting weeds - Winter: working in the studio. Who wouldn't want to do that? Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Goregous! Your style is so smooth and pleasing, if I collected this kind of thing I'd be forking over the cash for several. :p

Don't fret about the big butt, it's all proportions and perspective. A lot of "artists" out there tend to sculpt their relief pieces with varying body parts looking as though they were existing on the same plane, which just weirds me out.

Sarah Rose said...

Why thank you :) Relief sculpture is a different challenge than sculpting in the round. It is more like a drawing, and should be sculpturally interpreted that way, not like a 3D sculpture.

I was not fretting about the big butt, ha ha, I like it :)

Random_Journey said...

I don't blame you!!! CO is gorgeous, and I envy the real horse life, but the cold there & long bleak winters remind me why I love California hahaha. I love your work though, so I better count my lucky stars you live in freezing Colarado!!! LOL!