Thursday, July 25, 2013

Back in the studio!

After several trips back to back we are finally home with no immediate plans to go anywhere. I love the feeling of no plans as it lets me mentally relax enough to get back into 'studio mode' which means work will continue on the nearly completed Marwari sculpture. I am hoping to begin selling him in the next few weeks, so those with outstanding orders on other resins may want to consider paying them off so your order won't get caught with the typical casting backlog that happens when we release a new horse. Here is how he looks today with red epoxy hair and a back lengthening surgery (for some reason the molding process shortened his back):

This shows how his tail will be positioned:

There is a lot of interest in this new guy since he is large stablemate scale, will be my last stablemate scale offering at the $75.00 price point, and Marwaris come in a large variety of horse colors. Here are a few to whet your appetite (photos courtesy of Manu Sharma Photography):

Sabino pinto:


Liver chestnut:

I have looked through thousands of photos and never saw an Appaloosa, roan, or dun. There are lots of bays, blacks, and grays with some chestnuts, buckskins, and palominos and the double dilutes. All the pinto patterns exist. 
I hope to have him ready in the next two weeks. The current shipping list can be seen here, as always. Keep in mind that there is usually a two month backlog after a new release.


Creations By Mit said...

Really like how this guy is turning out! And so many color possibilities! I am sure it will be a very popular run!

Tracy Eilers said...

Is this one a dun?

Sarah Rose said...

I *think* that is a light chestnut. If he were dun you'd still see faint leg barring, and a slightly darker head.

Anonymous said...

Can we put down a down payment for him now or do we still have to wait?

Sarah Rose said...

I'll set a release date pretty soon and let everyone know via the announcement list. I'm leaning toward this Monday, August 5th, but don't hold me to it.

Anonymous said...

Love your little Marwari fella!
Just had to add to the dun conversation; I too have pored over thousands of Marwari photos for ref when working on my OS & they do indeed come in dun:
Yes, the first three are buckskin, but the yearling has definite leg barring. I have never seen roan, appaloosa or champagne as someone recently asked me. I am also skeptical as to if they actually come in splash white overo- the curly eared horses that I have seen in that pattern look like Kathiawari horses rather than Marwari but I can't say for sure.
Ms. Slawik (the link above) has the absolute BEST photos of Marwari I have ever had the pleasure of looking through! So once your there take some time to search through the many other Marwari pics she has!

~ Carissa Kirksey

Sarah Rose said...

Thanks Carissa! Interesting stuff, horse colors :)