Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Shop on Break

The casting shop is on break for a bit while we get some much needed projects done around the place. The casting is never ending, so we had to just pick a place on the shipping list and say that after those were shipped Todd would take some time to do other things. Sorry for any inconvenience this is causing anyone! 

As most of you know I am a wheelchair user, and not having an accessible bathroom was getting ridiculous. During a short break in January Todd demo'd the old bathroom, and there it sat for months, the 'bathroom hole'. We have a second, much uglier and not accessible bathroom that we are using, and I will be SO glad when I don't have to go in there anymore. 

The old bathroom, a thing of beauty:

Demo Day (too bad you can't hear my gleeful laughter):

To the left is our bedroom closet, which graciously donated 6" to make the bathroom wide enough for a wheelchair:

Hideous old bathroom BUH BYE!

Bender releases a chipmunk into the wall, never to be seen again. Thank you Bender :)

Window installing day:

Since then a bunch of stuff has happened that I either forgot to take photos of, or it was stuff that just doesn't lend itself to interesting photos. I forgot to take photos when Todd built the new wall and put the closet back together. You can't even tell it used to be wider, it just looks like a normal closet now. He  has put a lot of time into research and acquiring all the new bathroom fixtures and hardware. The bathtub plumbing is done and tested. He just came out and said dry walling is going to be happening for a few days. Here is a photo from yesterday:

So, this is why nothing has been shipped for a few weeks, and won't be for a few weeks more, possibly longer. It always sems like these kinds of things take a lot longer than you think, especially when you haven't done them before. Todd is having fun with it, though! I am very excited about it, and looking forward to being able to easily get my chair in there and even be able to turn around, no more scraped knuckles and tramatized door frames :)


pamiam said...

That is so cool!!!! A work of art and love! Can't wait to see the finished loo....I will be jealous!

timaru star ii said...

What fun to have a house-handy spouse. That is a real blessing. And congrats for making hard choices and putting your foot down on what really matters! I totally understand.

Danielle Feldman said...

I love a good house project! Good luck and congratulations on the new bathroom, so happy for you!

Xebeche said...

Thanks you guys! It's hard to 'take time' when there are always horses to be cast, but there is never a time when we are caught up with no more work. That's a good thing, but it makes taking time for others things hard to do guilt free.

robertsloan2art said...

Your cat is cool! I love that photo of Bender releasing the chipmunk into the walls, hope it got out fine eventually. He's a magnificent large cat! Enjoy your new renovated home and give him a scritch from me with a purr from Ari!

Xebeche said...

Thank you Robert, I will tell Bender you think he is cool. He thinks he's a person, he loves to ride in the car and go camping :)

The chipmunk was never seen again.