Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's a girl!

Things have been progressing well on the new Saddlebred mare. Yes, you read right, it's a girl! Here is how she looks as of this morning:

She still has a long way to go before she's finished. Obviously she needs some hair :) I will be further refining her overall and adding little things, like wrinkles, whisker bumps, and veins at the end. She also hasn't named herself yet.

For me, winter is conducive to long spells of creative activity. There's 2-3 feet of snow outside so really there is little to do except work. That and keeping the fire going!


Heather said...

Sarah, she's gorgeous!! I love her expression.

Carol H. said...

She looks great so far! I don't see anything that I'd change. I especially love her ears and as always you capture a wonderful expression in the face and eyes.

What are you thinking of doing with her mane? Are you going to put braids in it or leave it loose?

GWR said...

She's looking lovely so far, I can't wait to see her with hair. :)

If I may say so I think a loose m/t would look better than one with traditional SB ribbons, but that's just my opinion.

Sarah R said...

She's going to have a loose mane, no ribbons.

Georgia said...

Yay mares! :)
She looks quite feminine already and I can tell that you refined the head a little and slimmed her neck as well. I'm excited to see her with hair!

Andrea said...

OMG Sarah i LOVE her!!! i cant wait to see what kind of 'do you give her!

~Jenn Danza~ said...

YUMMY! Will be a joy to paint!!! Can't wait!


Becky Turner said...

sara LOVE HER!! am curious about one thing..if your using the new wax we got.. why is she so white looking? it it just the reflection of the camera? just curious. she is lovely!
Becky Turner