Saturday, February 2, 2008

Life within the Snow Globe

I will admit, I get most of my sculpting accomplished in the winter. It's so quiet, so peaceful, with no outdoor chores to do. No weeding, no watering., no mowing...Todd feeds the horses. So really, all I have to do is stay indoors and sculpt. Which I love.

My normal winter routine of getting lost all day in my work has been getting interupted. This winter is dead set on being intrusive, on breaking up any feeling of long hours spent working for both Todd and myself. Mostly for Todd.

Typically we get a foot or two of snow, then it warms up and melts. We can haul the horses out to ride in the sandy washes of northern New Mexico and enjoy the outdoors. This year our trailer is awash in 4 feet of snow, we are not going anywhere with it. We also go skiing occassionally, but this year it seems like our 'recreational' time is spent on the tractor and the ATV moving and plowing snow. And more snow....and then more. Todd spends hours each day moving wood, splitting wood, trying to keep two woodstoves going, with wet wood. Wood is in stacks in front of the stoves, getting them dry enough to burn. We tell ourselves "next year we are buying our wood in the summer so it has time to season". Todd's other fun activities include trying to keep vehicles and other systems running. Making sure we fill our fuel containers whenever we make it to town. Making sure the horses have what they need.

Here's Todd plowing down to the barn after I pushed through with the tractor:

Our little herd in the round pen, which is getting shorter with each storm. The arrow points to the top of a T-post. You can't see the fence anymore:

My girls, who usually have no chance of putting their heads over the top of the panels:

Winter this year is a part time job and a big distraction.


dragonsrockfarm said...

Sarah, HAY!!

I feel your pain girlfriend! We've had more snow the last 5 weeks than we've had in the last 10 years! We are using a snowblower, shovels AND a backhoe to keep our two driveways clear and losing!! LOL

Hope your girls are enjoying their "view"!!

Many happy nickers!

Becky Turner said...

wow! I remember how that was and im so glad I dont have to deal with that again! we had 5 feet of snow one year when I lived in eastern washington and I got so tired of thawing out hoses and and watching my fencelines shrink! lol.. like yours! almost looks like soon they will be able to walk right over the fence.. which I did worry about! my studs fence was getting pretty short and he was next to the mares! lol good thing he was a wus and stayed in and near his stall alot!.I do remember the tinkly clinky sound of the snow balls on the horses fetlocks though.. look at my blog and you can see the tiny amount of snow we had so far.. now the pass thats another story! they are setting records so I guess its just a bug snow year everywhere!.. hang in there spring is coming!!! so.. lets see some pics of how the mare sculpts coming!
Becky Turner