Monday, November 30, 2009

Carousel Horse news!

Hard to believe that almost a year has gone by since I asked if there would be any interest in a carousel horse! Despite the fantastic response received, I put him once again on the back burner to sculpt 3 new mini scale horses (Doodlebug, Working Girl, and the latest Jezebel). I'm all mini-ed out now, and the carousel horse was still there, calling out to be cast. I now have a resin prototype to smooth and refine for the next few weeks, then production molds will be made and he will then be available for sale.

Here's my blog post from last year about him:


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Morgen said...

I haven't bought many other artists' work to paint myself lately.. but I would need to get one of these too. I really like the one you linked to. Do you think you'll preserve the aesthetic nod to Japanese style there? Very cool regardless.. I just almost could see myself painting to keep for once, and going with a faux jade style finish. Great news Sarah! :D