Thursday, January 23, 2014

Andre coming soon, and Tiny ending soon!

As it turns out we are having a non-winter here. In fact there is almost no snow, so instead of skiing we resumed riding. There are flies out now, so wrong for January in the Colorado mountains. Perhaps February will bring much needed moisture. Speaking of February, and I can hardly believe it has almost been a year, Tiny's edition closes on FEBRUARY 12TH! His webpage with ordering information is here.

A few photos from the gobs of awesome ones people sent me of their painted Tinys:

 Painted by Tammy Myrold

 Painted by Billie Campbell

 Painted by Jaime Baker

 Painted by Stephanie Michaud

 Painted by Lauren Hoeffer

Painted by Mindy Berg

And, yes, Andre is coming soon! I don't have an exact release date or price set just yet, but it is going to be before Tiny's edition closes, so best to get those Tiny orders in ASAP to avoid being stuck behind the Andre orders.


redsixwing said...

Oooooh! So for those of us wanting an Andre AND a Tiny...

Thanks for the update - I'm looking forward to seeing more Andre, and those Tinys (Tinies?) are glorious.

Sarah Rose said...

If you are interested in both just make sure you place your orders duri the open ordering periods for each one. Tiny's edition closes on February 12th.