Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Andre in Primer

Sometimes I can skip the primer step if I feel confident that I have gotten every little imperfection sorted out to my satisfaction, but will all of Andre's feathers I felt I had better not skip it. The other advantage of primer is it makes it far easier to get decent photos, since a white object is really hard to photograph. One of the drawbacks is I now have to wait a few days for the primer to completely set before I can resume work on him, so it looks like his release is going to be in February as opposed to my optimistic estimation of January. I struggle with my model horse photography, and am going to try to get more photos together, but so far, after two photo sessions, I have a small handful of ones that show him pretty well:


Devon Comstock said...

Wow! He's absolutely gorgeous! I sculpted my first medallion a while ago and I'm pretty happy with it, but that's about as far as my sculpting talent goes!

Sarah Rose said...

Thanks you so much Devon! I have been sculpting for 30 years, it takes practice :)

Creations By Mit said...

What a handsome, beefy boy! Its been fun seeing him evolve!