Saturday, December 15, 2007

Eyeballs needed

Ok peoples, I need your eyeballs! I have gotten Andre to the 'finishing' three weeks! That doesn't mean Andre will be cast soon, sometimes the finishing/detailing goes extremely slow and I get bored and start something else.

I'm still not 100% sold on the off side, something about his right hind leg bothers me. I really like the overall feel of the piece, and like the near side a lot. The tail balances the upraised foreleg, I think, and makes it make more sense.
I haven't settled on a breed just yet. I am thinking of doing medium feather on him so that he could pass for a Breton, Comtois, Belgian, etc.
Critiques welcome at this time! You can post them here or email me at with your suggestions.


Alicia said...

I really dig the tail! I don't know if the performance folks will like it, but I could totally see this model entered in "in-hand" classes. Please don't change it.

As far as the back legs go, do you have any pics from the back?

dragonsrockfarm said...


What a gorgeous guy! The only thing I see with his right hind leg is that it appears to be a tad bit shorter between the hock and fetlock joints than the left hind....other than that I think he is awesome!!

Many happy nickers!