Friday, December 7, 2007

Pushing through....

I've been keeping my focus on Andre and working through my frustrations with him. I've printed out a bunch of photos, gathered up my anatomy charts, and spent a lot of time looking at him from across the room and various heights. Speaking of my room, here is a rare and candid glimpse (What's that? My laptop is holding up a bulletin board? Shhhh..):

It's in a spare bedroom, with two windows overlooking the pasture. When we first looked at our house I told the realtor that that was going to be my studio. And so it is.

Back to Andre, here are his last few days of, ummm, 'progress':

Hmmm....I think I was getting too carried away with details. Eyes? You like those eyes? How bout eyes!!!!!

Here's how he looked from his off side this morning:

Yeah, he does have one eye still. But, I have worked on his right haunch and am starting to like it better. Lots and lots of photos are helping with that.

I almost forgot to mention, we had no power all day today! Except for a little bit from our generator which kept the lights on in my room. So, for what would be a snow day for many sculptures in progress, Andre got to be tortured all day :)

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Sin said...

Hey there Sarah, I love what you're doing with this blog and allowing us all into your "world" if you will, that most of us don't get to see, and what all goes into sculpting.

I have to say for starters that I'm very excited about the prospect of someone with your talent sculpting a European type drafter! I hope you don't mind a little constructive criticism but the pose he's in right now turns me off a little because it seems so "stuffy traditional drafter" and not as free or playful as your other sculptures always end up being (that may just be part of the sculpting process, I wouldn't know)? He sort of reminds me of McDermott's "David" in drafter form now that I think about it. Or Equus Maximus.

In any case I hope I didn't come off offensively, that wasn't my intent! :) Cheers, Sin