Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I think I am making some progress with Andre. I'm pleased with his front half, mostly. I am very pleased with the left side of his head:

I am not thrilled with his rear just yet, though. My brain is rebelling and refusing to 'see' what needs to happen with those big 'ole butt muscles:


I think I'll spend some time on Photoshop changing things around. as you can see, I couldn't resist adding some details like wrinkles. Sometimes I need that to encourage me onward, to be able to visualize what direction I am trying to take this sculpture in.

We've been getting snow non-stop for days, which really helps me settle in and get into sculpting mode. I love days like these where staying indoors with a warm cozy fire going and sculpting feels like the exact right thing to do :)


Emily said...

I love his new expression with the flicked ear.. he's still friendly and willing, but you can just see him listening to the driver of his carriage. :)

Heheh - I can never get my (real) mare's haunches to work with me either!

Libbie Mistretta said...

I think he's looking awesome, Sarah! I liked the pricked-forward ears a bit better but this softer expression is also very charming.

Becky Turner said...

fstoSara! Cool you are using the new wax! I just love it!!!
keep on a pushing on him..Im kinda am going thru the same thing myself though..I feel unsettled for some reason, and just cant get focused on anything very well.. bored maybe?.. SO, .. I started on a new sm sculpt...lol.. doing that always gets my creative juices flowing.. so far so good! its a running horse kinda..I'll post pics of him on my blog in a few days.. need to get him fleshed out a little more.I worked on him for 3 hrs tonight.. But Im.so glad you started a blog! I did too.. now If I could just make myself post more often..I finding taking pics and having to download them a pain..lol Id rather just sculpt! let me know if you want a 2nd eye on your new drafter, Id love to help if you ever feel the need.! he is looking good though! I like his direction. keep up the good work!