Saturday, April 19, 2008

Here she comes.......

I've been working away at finishing my new ASB mare. For me this is the slowest part of the sculpting process. I can easily spend an entire day working on the left side of the muzzle. And then a few more days. It takes time to make both sides of the head symetrical...lots of time. Lots of achey eyeballs. And then you hit it, you begin to smell 'horseness' and you know to leave that muzzle alone, it's there.

I'm hoping she will be ready to mold by the end of May. Then it's another week or two of sanding the master casting, adding veins and whisker bumps, then setting up the production molds.

After we get the next batch of paid for resins shipped we are heading out to Utah for a well deserved riding and camping trip. Those of you who followed my posts about the horrid winter will understand our need to get to the warm desert and get some more miles in the saddle. After that break I will have fresh eyes to scrutinize my ASB with and wrap things up with her.

We are giving a lot of thought to how we are going to handle her sales. We realize that our price needs to reflect the downturn in the economy. With that in mind we are leaning towards a reasonable fixed price and selling them first come, first serve in batches. More information will be made available as the time nears.

Monday, April 7, 2008

The offical resin tally list

Being another snowy day here in Colorado, sitting down and compiling an official resin edition tally list seemed like a good idea. People ask me all the time how many Nevadas/Khemos/Nahars/etc were cast, so now there is a page with all that info:

The official resin tally list!

Most of the editions show some unsold horses, which are mostly my artist copies that (mostly) have not been cast. Some are cast and are in my resin closet with their futures undecided. Some still have a few that could be cast and sold, but the molds are too worn and I haven't gotten around to making a new one. The horses we are currently casting and offering for sale are Lonestar, Caldero, Rasam, and Mini Indy.

You'll see on the tally list that I finally settled on a number for both Lonestar and Rasam's edition sizes. Lonestar will be 225 plus 20 artist copies, and Rasam will be 180 with 20 artist copies.

The new ASB mare will be somewhere around 200-250. We haven't decided yet.