Thursday, October 8, 2009


Finally..... she is finished! After what took an inordinate amount of time for a 1/32nd scale sculpture (6 months!) mini Nahar finally has a mate....Jezebel! He is obviously very pleased.

You might be thinking "what could be so time consuming about sculpting a standing horse"? After all, she's just standing there, no need to strain the brain figuring out how this muscle looks flexed, how far that joint can bend, etc, for an action pose. For me, however, standing horses are the most difficult of all equine sculpture to really 'pull off' well. You can't fall back on a dynamic pose to give your sculpture character, it has to be in the details. Exquisitely rendered if at all possible, of course :) Which explains the 6 months that went into Jezebel's creation. She had at least three major facial overhauls, and probably twice that many body re-dos. All this on a sculpture just a smidge over 3" tall. Yes, I did invest in new super high powered reading glasses :)

For those interested in acquiring a Jezebel, here is the link to her ad on MH$P. She will have her own page on the Rose Studios website very soon.