Thursday, April 1, 2010

Reining horse coming soon

It seems like the economy is picking up a little for everyone, so I've decided to put out a new Traditional scale horse. This will be my first Traditional horse since 2008! He's a cantering reining horse that is tack and performance friendly, and is packed with quarter horse character. He is leaning into his turn so he has a base. Price and sales methods are not yet decided, please join the Rose Studios News announcement list for info as it becomes available.

Part of the hold up on getting the reining horse's release sorted out is the huge amount of Working Girl orders we received at the close of her edition. We got over 200 new orders! Whew! Casting all those little girls will keep Todd busy for several months, and I am not sure how that will effect the release date of the reiner just yet.

On the real horse front, spring has 'semi' sprung here in Southwestern Colorado. Sunday we went down to New Mexico to ride and got sunburned, today at home it's been blowing snow all day. Hopefully the snow and wind will come to an end soon so that we can make our annual spring trip to Utah to ride and go antler collecting (a holdover from my taxidermy days).

Here's a super short video of another new hobby, sand sliding: