Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mini Khemo released!

It's Mini Khemo, made from a resized digital scan and 3D print of the traditional Khemo sculpture released in 2002! Khemo has been a favorite ever since, and now he is available in mini form! He is large Stablemate/Curio scale at 3 3/4" tall (not counting base) and 5 3/4" long. The actual base will not be as tall, these photos are of the master casting that will be used for mold making and we use the extra material at the bottom of the base to have something to sand flat. Mini Khemo is available for an entire year, from February 10th 2016 to February 10th 2017! Due to his larger size and extreme casting complexity I have to ask more for him, but keep in mind that I happily accept time payments in whatever amounts and for however long you need. 

Price: $95.00
RAW* castings: $75.00 each (yes, that is right, I am willing to pay you $20.00 in the form of savings to do the basic clean up work!)
Shipping: FREE within the US
Overseas shipping: please add $12.00 for one casting, and $3.50 for each additional casting shipped in the same box. Canadian shipping is $5.00 for 1-3 castings.

To order simply email me at, or send PayPal to the same email address. Money Orders and checks can be mailed to:

Sarah Rose
1158 Bear Creek Rd
Bayfield CO 81122

There can be a wait of several weeks to several months before we will have your order ready to ship once paid for in full. We expect Mini Khemo to be in full production and shipping by March 1st. The casting schedule is dynamic and effected by how many orders we get, how many orders are ahead of your order, and other factors. Orders are placed on the shipping list when they are paid for in full, and is viewable here.

*RAW castings are for people comfortable with prepping only! They have a belly gate, vents on the hooves and tail tips, and require extra work and experience to prep. For those who are comfortable with that you can save a few bucks ($20.00 to be precise), and get your casting faster since we won't need to clean the casting up before shipping.




Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

 I gotta say, 2015 was not my favorite and I am glad to see it go. It was not all bad, though. My mini resin Moxie was a huge success and allowed us to take some time off to remodel part of our house into a proper studio space for me. For the last 15 years I have worked in a very small and very uninspiring spare bedroom that connected to an even smaller and even less inspiring second spare bedroom. In between was the most ugly avocado green 70's bathroom you could imagine. Visitors would says things ranging from "ugh" to "it's not so bad". This was where all my time was spent, I felt like an old time photographer peeping through the lens trying to make something beautiful while blocking everything else out with a black out cloth.

 A kind relative remarked that my bathroom was "retro and fashionable". She was just trying to be nice I think. 

It felt SO GOOD to rip all this out and haul it to the dump! Not the kitties though, we kept the kitties.

Demolition complete! At this point I am not ashamed to admit that in my nativity that I thought it would be done in a few weeks. You'd think I'd know better after an entire adult life of remodeling projects. You'd think.

Window holes! Window holes! Window holes! And a 16.2 palomino. And Todd.

About 6 weeks later, taping and mudding. I am starting to understand the look my husband gives me when I say things like "we could do that, right? It would only take a few weeks....right?" Thankfully this is The Last Big Project......right?
As of today, January 1, it looks like I can move back in in about a week, but then again I am horrible at guessing how lo things take in reality, obviously. Todd is applying the last few coats of polyurethane on the floor today, then it needs to cure for a day, then we can install the baseboard, heaters, caulk, and touch up paint. I am so excited and looking forward to getting back to my art! The first project will be Mini Khemo. That is right, you heard it here, Mini Khemo, possibly by the end of January. Big Khemo is off being scanned as I type. After that will be a new sculpt mini, maybe by late spring. There is also an exciting ceramic project with Joan Berkwitz in the works.