Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring has semi-sprung here in Southwestern Colorado. One day it's in the 60's and sunny, the next day it snows. We've been getting some riding in here and there, and managed to get a few nice days of sun and adventure over in Utah for my birthday at the end of March.

One of my favorite ruins in Arch Canyon, high up on a cliff (we call it "The Turkey Pen):

Todd showing off my birthday find with an unimpressed, worried mount observing:

Todd and our friend Wendy on the slickrock above Butler Wash:

When we returned I sat down to 'whip out a sm scale saddle'. Little did I know that making a 1/32 scale saddle is very difficult and frustrating. It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted, with some proportion and scale issues, but it's ok for my first (and probably last!) attempt and such tiny tack:

That's my newest resin release "Working Girl", a sm scale Quarter Horse mare. She's available now, all her sales info is on the website at
Well, a friend just called to forwarn me of an impending storm coming my way, and I love to watch them, so off I go.......