Monday, March 18, 2013

The Akhal Teke sheen

For a challenge I thought I'd try an Akhal Teke with their infamous metallic sheen. This is a 9 X 12 on Wallis Professional sanded pastel paper. Photo reference provided by Heather Abounader:

$100.00 + $10.00 s&h


Tiny has been shipping for a few weeks now, and a few painted ones are popping up. I am especially fond of pintos, and here is a really nice one by Tammy Myrold:


More information on purchasing unpainted Tinys is available here on his webpage.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Belgian painting

Here's my latest painting, a Belgian draft horse: 

Pastel on Uart professional heavyweight sanded  paper 8 X 10. 


I was able to send out my first donation today from the sales of mustang prints, it felt really good. This time the donation went to our local mustang group that helps with the Spring Creek Basin Mustangs. Next time I am considering donating to Canon City's prison training program where inmates train mustangs for adoption. What a great thing, to allow prisoners to help both themselves and the horses. 

The mustang paintings now have their own shop on Etsy. Called "The Mustang Project" all the mustang paintings and related items will be put in the store as they are ready to sell. A portion of all proceeds from this shop are donated. I'll probably be setting up another shop for the non-mustang paintings at some point, but for now my focus is really on the wild ones :)

With the recent completion of the "Tiny" project I find myself in need of the next sculpting venture. I am struggling a bit as to what to do next. Admittedly I am recently a little out of touch with the model horse world, since the mustang painting craze took over my mind. I'm considering repositioning and finishing Andre the large Traditional scale heavy drafter, but has the economy improved enough that he would be a decent seller for me? Should I stick with Stablemates? If so, what should be next? I have been adding to my Akhal Teke reference file, and have no problem finding inspiration there. What about another mustang, since I'm so into them right now? So many breeds, so many. If you have an idea for me please let me know in the comments section.