Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Affinity ordering deadline Sunday!

Time sure has flown, once again! Sunday is the very last day you can place your order for Affinity. Sales information is on the website. To order simply email me stating that you are placing your order, or send payment (or both!). My email and PayPal are both

Thomas Bainbridge had this to say about Affinity "sooo SOOOOO much nicer in person ... as if that was even possible, but somehow it is. Wow, the detail is just mind blowing ... Sarah sure knows her muscle groups and anatomy, no doubt about that! She is taller than I expected, which is nice. Also, MINIMAL and I mean MINIMAL seam/prep work. Bottom line ... you'll definitely love this sculpt! If you've been 'toying' with the idea of ordering one ... do it! You will not regret it! "

Here is a gorgeous dapple bay Affinity by Sommer Prosser winning big at Jewel Heist Live this past weekend: 

I've been getting a lot of feedback that the castings are fantastic and that she is bigger than folks thought she would be. She is, in fact, a bit taller than Lonestar or the Stone ISH. I think the quality of the castings is due to years of practice and learning little things to improve both the molds and the castings. I am getting better at cutting the molds, something I used to dislike but have finally gotten confident enough to enjoy and look forward to. Todd has gotten better at tweaking the molds to keep the seams tight without distorting the castings. Of course there are still casting 'bloopers', and some end up in the trash can. Nothing like when we first started way back when with Khan. You should have seen the trash bags full of messed up Khans! 

On another note, spring has finally arrived here in the Rockies, and while there is still snow covering the trails in the high country, the lower elevations are dry and ride-able! I'm hoping to get back to riding 500 miles a season this year, and have a GoPro camera on the way for trail videos. Todd and I were enjoying some quiet time on the porch last night watching our little herd happily munching on grass, reflecting on what great horses they have become and how much they have added to our life. Truly I can not imagine life without them. So much of what we do is about them, from moving to this corner of the state where we could afford horse property, to our choice of career, to fixing fences and weed control, to truck, horse trailer, and small tractor ownership, and on and on.  Horse ownership is a lifestyle choice, a paradigm shift, and for a disabled person like myself a way to borrow legs that take me into the wilderness.