Monday, August 15, 2011

Little Lonestar released!

Here is all his pertinent info:

It's's's "Little" Lonestar! Finally, a mini version of the ever-popular stockhorse gelding Lonestar. The traditional scale version was scanned by the latest in digital technology, then 3D printed in stablemate scale. Sarah has refined the print and added more definition to the musculature. "Little Lonestar" is available for an entire year, until August 15th 2012.

Visit the Little Lonestar webpage here

Price: $75.00
RAW* castings: $65.00 each
Shipping: free within the US
Overseas shipping: please add $10.00 for one casting, and $2.50 for each additional casting shipped in the same box. Canadian shipping is $2.50 for 1-3 castings. Please note that full or partial payment is due within 30 days (see below)

Payments: you can make payments however you'd like after paying an initial order deposit. If you are going to be making payments a $15 deposit per casting is due within 30 days. On larger orders this initial deposit can be lowered, please inquire. Your order will go into the shipping queue when paid for in full. My PayPal email is Shipping address for checks and money orders: Sarah Rose, 1158 Bear Creek Rd, Bayfield CO 81122.

There can be a wait of several weeks to several months before we will have your order ready to ship once paid for in full. The casting schedule is dynamic and effected by how many orders we get, how many orders are ahead of your order, and other factors.

*RAW castings are for people comfortable with prepping only! They have a belly gate, vents on the hooves and tail tips, and require extra work and experience to prep. For those who are comfortable with that you can save a few bucks, and get your casting faster since I won't need to clean the casting up before shipping.

Note that I am now asking for a small deposit to be paid on orders that are going to be paid in installments. This amount can be lowered for larger orders. Also I am not doing the quantity discounts for this edition. I struggled with the need to raise my prices (if any of you have shipped packages recently at the post office you know how expensive it is getting!), but just couldn't bring myself to charge $80.oo per casting. So, to offset the increasing costs of doing business I elected not to give a buy one/get one for less discount. It takes us just as much time and materials to make the second one as the first anyhow I hope you understand and that it doesn't effect your buying choices. I still offer time payments for as long as you need :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Before and......after?

It's no secret that I haven't sculpted anything for over a year, since the reining horse. Life, or is it entropy, or both...has a way of wearing you down and distracting you from who you think you are. I *was* Sarah Rose, the equine sculptor. Lately I'm Sarah Rose, what is it I am again? Health issues with myself, my husband, and most notably one of my best friend's husband's lung cancer have been like a big distraction bomb in my life. I totally lost focus on my art, and have been somewhat adrift for over a year. It's not that I never think of new sculptures, or that I never feel inspired, it's...well, it's hard to put a finger on.

Lately I've been trying to fit something creative into each day, whether that is taking a few photos, trying a new recipe, or honing my digital art skills. Slowly I've been warming up to the idea of sculpting again. So, I unearthed ol' Andre from the closet, started back in '07 before the economic downturn. I thought "hey, he is almost finished, I can get him done and feel like I accomplished *something* this year." It sounds so naive now.

Sculpting doesn't always come easily. From looking at finished sculptures, mine and other artist's, it may seem that the sculpture almost made itself. That rarely happens for me, it's more of a battle that is waged month after month. Little voices in my head saying "I hate bases, we are never doing another horse with a #$%^&*@ base again!" or "they (hobbyists) won't like him because hos breed is too vague, I need to settle on a breed, I need to settle on a type" or "what in the world have I done?". Lately it is the last thought going through my head, that and "I've completely lost my mojo".

The above photo shows Andre in 2007, when I must have still had some mojo. He is full of vitality and pleasing to the eye. He isn't very breed specific, and he will need a base.

This is poor Andre currently, after deciding to force him into a more typey-type of heavy European draft horse. That meant he had to have his legs and neck shortened, and his body biggened. Somewhere in his time in the closet he lost his eye and ears. I think I over-shortened his left rear leg. I don't like him at all at this point...barf....

These feelings, and this 'ugly duckling' phase are nothing new, almost every sculpture I have ever done goes through this period where I don't see how I can salvage it, that I should just start something new. I think it is a big part of why I am so slow, I go through this over and over. Typically I only share photos of what I consider 'good' phases along that way. I thought I'd post something completely honest, about how much of a struggle it can be along the way. Hopefully Andre and I make it to the end :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Little Lonestar coming soon!

Coming soon...."Little" Lonestar! Finally, a mini version of the ever-popular stockhorse gelding Lonestar. The traditional scale version was scanned by the latest in digital technology, then 3D printed in stablemate scale. The 3D print is done in a brittle gray resin, so we molded it and cast up a copy in the white urethane we use for everything, Smooth Cast 300. I then spent weeks sanding off the 'steps' that are left behind from the printing process, along with refining the print and adding more definition to the musculature. "Little Lonestar" will be available soon, sales information will be made available to members of my announcement list first