Friday, December 25, 2009

Painted at last :)

After 4 days of painstaking painting I have completed the first Carousel Horse. I had forgotten how time consuming all those little details are :) He was FUN to paint, though, and a nice break from the hyper-realistic world of model horses. Sales information will be made available to members of the Rose Studios Announcement list on Monday the 28th.

Lots of you are asking what size he is. Here is a comparison to Rasam, my classic scale Arabian. Rasam's scale was based on the Breyer classic scaled horses, so you can see the carousel horse is a touch smaller:

Also just added to the blog is a poll asking for your vote on what you'd like to see me sculpt next. Please take a moment and help me decide what you all want to see coming from Rose Studios next.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Carousel horse in resin

I have a few castings of the carousel horse in resin! Yay! We are still working on some molding issues with him, due to the complexity of casting him with his base attached. He should be available for sale very soon, hopefully sometime this week. This guy is not meant to be a model horse, in fact I sculpted him before I rediscovered the hobby in the late 90's. He isn't as anatomically detailed as my models are, and his proportions might be a tad off, but I didn't want to re-sculpt him and possibly lose the feel of the sculpture that I had originally intended. His ornamentations are very detailed, with veining in the feathers of his wings, tassels on his bracelets, and fleur-de-lises on his saddle blanket and browband. He is going to be a blast to paint!

Speaking of painting, I have a Jezebel that is almost completed. She was done in oils, I just need to find the time to finish her up. I really like they way she turned out, and am quite pleased with the dappling I did, the most extensive dappling I've tackled in oils.

Winter arrived in a big way recently, with 2 feet in the first storm and another 8-10 inches yesterday. Todd has been dividing his attention between casting and shipping resins to snow removal and wood chopping. Poor guy! Winter is a lot of work here, but we love it.