Friday, December 25, 2009

Painted at last :)

After 4 days of painstaking painting I have completed the first Carousel Horse. I had forgotten how time consuming all those little details are :) He was FUN to paint, though, and a nice break from the hyper-realistic world of model horses. Sales information will be made available to members of the Rose Studios Announcement list on Monday the 28th.

Lots of you are asking what size he is. Here is a comparison to Rasam, my classic scale Arabian. Rasam's scale was based on the Breyer classic scaled horses, so you can see the carousel horse is a touch smaller:

Also just added to the blog is a poll asking for your vote on what you'd like to see me sculpt next. Please take a moment and help me decide what you all want to see coming from Rose Studios next.


Urbangoatgirl said...

I would love to see another versatile trad scale stock horse but I checked "Other" in the poll because I would also love to see an all around versatile pleasure-type Arabian in a 3-point pose that doesn't require a base. :-)

Therese said...

I wouldnt mind the race fit TB in SM/LB scale OR a warmblood :)

elf said...

I would love to see you finish Andre, pleeeeaaase? But then I'm a huge draft fan.