Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sneak Peek of the upcoming mini "Tiny"

As promised I am finally delivering the first peek at the upcoming all-new mini "Tiny". The idea came to me that an earlier mini "Doodlebug" needed a playmate. I still have a few weeks of tinkering around with him before he is finished:

He is large stablemate scale and will obviously have a base. I am hopeful that we can do the release before everyone gets caught up with Christmas, but these things have a way of getting done when they get done. As always with the minis he will be open for ordering for an entire year with what could arguably be the hobby's most flexible time payment plans :)

Tiny was somewhat inspired by the Shire breed, but can also represent other hairy legged draft breeds and crosses. I think he'd look awesome in black and white pinto!