Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Marwari anyone?

It's finally starting to feel like spring around here, with that comes a much more challenging to-do list. Winter has it's drawbacks, but there is quite a bit more 'free' time to pursue other things like the pastel painting. That will have to be set aside for awhile while I try to figure out how to squeeze more time out of a day. Here's the last one, I will probably have prints made at some point:

Speaking of prints, all the current orders are shipping today! Yay! They turned out gorgeous, and are on heavy archival paper. Fine Print was very patient with me and all my beginner issues. This also means I now have prints on hand for quick shipment. To see what's available visit my Etsy shop. Since I am taking delivery of the prints and doing the shipping I decided to go ahead and sign and number each print, with the edition sizes being set at 200. 

On to other news, I am going to be releasing at least one more mini in the next few months, and possibly another in the fall. Minis work out better for me in several ways, so that is where my focus is going to be for awhile. There may be a shrinky of an older edition, too, but I have not yet decided. While shrinkies of older popular editions are well liked, people seem to LOVE new sculpts! Here is my current project, a Marwari, and I am totally open to comments as usual: