Saturday, October 4, 2008

Nevada Trip

We managed to slip away for a short visit to see family in central Nevada. I grew up in a (really) small town called Austin smack dab in the middle of nowhere. My dad still grows hay out there, and shares his crops with the recently transplanted antelope herds:

After spending a few days in Austin we headed up to Winnemucca to visit one of my brothers. On the way we saw these mustangs hurrying along like they were late for an appointment:

The herds in this area used to be primarily bay and other dark shades with very little white. This herd had several flashy overos and sabinos, so perhaps some pinto stallions were released into the area to increase the adoptability of future horses taken off the range.

Speaking of pinto, here's "Chance" my niece's mini horse, being hard on the fences:

Before we left on our trip I finished painting the first Miss America casting. She's off to her new home in the UK next week:

It went from summer to fall in a few short days. Our planned fall leaf ride looks like it will be a rain out, or even a snow out. Todd is busy cutting up firewood and doing other winter preparedness tasks. Next week we leave for our annual 'stretch out our summer' riding trip to southest Utah. Then hunting season. My sculpting plans for the immediate future are to finish up 'Doodle Bug', shown in my very first blog post.