Monday, December 17, 2012

Winter's Arrival and the Mustang Paintings

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated the happenings here at Rose Studios. Winter finally arrived on Friday, hard to believe we were still riding up until a few weeks ago:

The new mini “Tiny” was *supposed* to be finished in November, but that didn’t happen. Somehow I blocked out that almost nothing gets done in the studio in November, because it’s hunting season and then there’s Thanksgiving. Tiny has gone from clay to resin master, but I am going to hold off on his release until January, possibly mid-January, when the holidays are well over and everyone can breath easy again. I’ll have photos soon of him on his base, and with Doodlebug his playmate so you can see what size he is. I have a Sarah Mink “Spinnaker” on hand and he is the same size. Here’s “Tiny” right before he went into the waste mold:

Todd is whittling away at the shipping list, and is hoping to catch up by the first of the year. If you are near the top of the shipping list and do NOT want your order shipped during the holidays, please let me know! You can view the shipping list here.

I have also been doing some painting, no, not models, but paintings! I am very lucky that former model horse artist Sonya Johnson is a friend of mine and I was able to observe her doing some of her wonderful pastel landscapes. It looked so enjoyable I asked her one day if I could sit alongside and give it a try, and that was it, I’m hooked! It’s rejuvenated my creative world by giving me an outlet for non-equine subjects and getting to finish a project in a few hours/days, as opposed to months. When I’m tired of painting I sculpt, and vice-versa. I’ve been doing some landscapes and horses (can’t stay away from the horses!) and decided to do a small series of mustang portraits, depicting horses waiting for adoption in BLM holding facilities and adoption centers. Here are the first two, and while I may fuss around with them a bit more they are 90% done:

I may make prints available, but having never done that it might take me awhile to research it and decide what I want to do. I’m working on a third mustang right now.

That’s about it :)

Hope you all are warm and well :)